President Barzani Congratulates Turkey’s Kurdish BDP and PM Erdogan’s Parties on Election Successes | |
Salahaddin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq ( – Kurdistan Region President in two separate messages warmly congratulated both the Turkish Kurdish BDP party and Prime Minister Erdogan for their election successes in Turkey’s municipal elections held on Sunday.

“I hope your success will encourage all sides and will strengthen the peace process in Turkey. The Kurdistan Region will stand by its brothers and sisters in northern Kurdistan,” read the message by the President addressed to the BDP party.

In his message to Prime Minister Erdogan, the President said, “I would like to warmly congratulate you and the Turkish people for the successful municipal elections and for the success of the Justice and Development party,” said the President.

“I am confident that as a result of this election, the peace process in Turkey will be strengthened. I hope that peace, fraternity, and development will be consolidated in Turkey and that relations between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey will go from strength to strength.”